Getting Wet 'n Wild in Madrid

The perils of a photo-shoot in the rain.

G came to Madrid the exact week the weather decided to behave like actual winter and so, the nice warmth of the sun turned into the freezing cold of the wind and the rain. G just HAD to work on a fashion post on the day the weather got worse, so we went out, armed with umbrellas and a camera, to capture her Natural Chic style.

Who would’ve known it would be hard to juggle an umbrella, a camera, and a purse trying to take a decent picture, while trying to keep the camera dry? Anyone. That’s who.
But, not us! We thought it would be a great idea. Somehow, we managed.

* * *
 My hair before stepping outside & realizing that their was no reason to even shower. But, the hair clip is cute, right? I fished it in a lottery this summer :) Super vintage, & one of a kind.
My resting b*tch face as I realize how much of a b*tch the shoot was going to be. 
[Although, to be honest, shoots in the rain are my favorite. Why? Well, the quality of the pictures are placed in the hands of ze weather Gods, ya digg?]
  1. Climbing up a sort of wall in a dress without any underwear.
  2. Climbing up & onto a cold, wet, slippery surface.
  3. Wind blowing rain at us from the side (thank you roof, you were completely useless)
  4. Desperately trying to clean the camera lens just for it to get wet again after like 0.2 seconds
  5. THE COLD. G complained the whole time. She was the one who wanted to do it in the first place, so she had to suck it up.
  6. Umbrellas flying away in the wind and falling straight into puddles. Sad face
  7. Sliding down the wall thing and getting our butts completely soaked.
  8. Puddles and mud. G’s new boots got the worst of that.
* * *
* * *
 Layer one came off and all hell broke loose.
Nips got hard within seconds, the weather Gods chose to up the intensity of the shoot, & I continued to do the do.
I'm dancinggggg in the rain... dance, 
daunce for a chaunce.
I was like, "G, its time to parkour."

Its timeeeeeeeeeeee! Its time for HARDCORE PARKOUR!

So, within seconds of such thought & with bat-like reflexes
I strut my little booty to the edge of the platform, 
traversed the dangerous four foot cliff,
With purse in hand, 
my new Jeffrey Cambells on foot, 
& the endless downpour on point,
I managed to parkour my way into a picture with this hot tottie...
who also happens to be a famous Spanish statue.

(hot tottie pictured below with me, the G)

  * * *
 The shoot was a great success, so Ale, Miss Bitch License, decided to take me out to a famous Churreria [Spanish word for a place that makes Churros] named Valor.
Not only are they famous for their homemade churros, but also for their homemade cup of rich 'n pure chocolate.
shoes; Muskrat V-cut Black Boot by Jeffrey Campbell click here
dress; Striped Maxi by Lefties click here
 Peace & Love,

Big shout out to Ale, Miss B. L., for taking these lovely pictures and putting up with the perils of a wet 'n wild photo shoot ; *